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The GAA plays a major role in the lives of many families across county Monaghan. It is the focal point of our communities both urban and rural. For many it is a passion that we demonstrate either as a volunteer or supporter at club and county level. GAA facilities allow our children, of all ages, to demonstrate their abilities across every code. It provides competition that enables us to experience a great sense of identity and pride as we follow and support our teams. Finally, and remarkably, it is built on the ethos of volunteerism.

Over the past decade, Monaghan Gaa has invested great time, effort and finance in developing our association both on and off the field. Our county training grounds at Cloghan have proved a great success, providing a home for our county teams, approximately 20 in total across football, hurling, ladies football, Camogie and colleges, as well as serving as a headquarters for our full-time administrative and coaching staff. Our coaches are active throughout the clubs and schools of Monaghan with emphasis being placed on maximum participation, fun and improved coaching standards at all levels. As a result our association has grown and strengthened and our county teams are beginning to realise their potential. However, there is more to do. Therefore, we have prepared our Strategic Plan 2011-2014 that outlines our objectives and sets targets in a number of areas including Finance & Fundraising, Communications, Infrastructure & Facilities, Club & Community Development, Coaching, Player Development, Youth and Schools to name but a few. The full Strategic Plan can be viewed on our new Monaghan GAA Website at

We, in Monaghan, have always demonstrated a great ability to survive, be self reliant, reinvent ourselves if necessary and box above our weight especially in difficult times. These qualities are now necessary and have been epitomised by our county representatives at various levels including our county VEC Colleges team, our county ladies team, our world champion handballers and most especially our county senior football team. It is essential that we continue to develop and forge ahead and not stand still.

Therefore, we ask that you join us in our efforts to bring Monaghan GAA to the next level both on and off the field by becoming a member of Club Monaghan.

What is Club Monaghan about?

Club Monaghan will consist of new and existing members whose financial contribution will help fund Monaghan’s continued growth and development. It is a means of showing your support and demonstrating that you are a member of the Monaghan GAA family and prepared to “do your bit” in these difficult economic times to ensure that we not only hold our own but continue to strengthen over the coming years. Your contribution will help fund our association here in Monaghan from ground roots to senior level. It will help us continue to provide coaching staff to work in our Clubs and Schools prepare and field teams at county level from U14 and upwards, plan further development of our county training grounds at Cloghan and much more.

We believe that we have been and will continue to be progressive in our approach both on and off the field of play. We ask that you help us bring our plans for Monaghan GAA to fruition over the coming years by INVESTING IN THE FUTURE and joining Club Monaghan.

All Members will receive a Club Monaghan Jacket

To join print out CLUB MONAGHAN application form and post it to

Declan Flanagan
Club Monaghan Chairman
Scotch Corner
Co Monaghan

GAA MerchandiseFront JerseyBack Jersey

Merchandise Price List 2017
Item Cost €
Adult € 55.00
Children’s (13-14) € 45.00
Children’s (5/6 7 – 8 – 9 -10 & 11/12) € 35.00
Size 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 € 30.00
Adult Heavy Rain Coat € 55.00
Hoodies € 55.00
Adult Training Top € 50.00
Polo Shirts € 35.00
T Shirt € 35.00
Flags With Crest
5 x 3 € 12.00
3 x 2 € 9.00
24″ x 18″ € 6.00
18″ x 12″ € 4.50
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Small € 24.00
Ties € 10.00
Scarfs € 10.00
Car Teddie € 5.00
Pens € 2.50
Wrist Bands € 2.50
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Contact Seamus McMeel 083 8723687 Merchandise Manager for details

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