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Monaghan U12 Croke Park Activity Day 2016

August 16th, 2016

Monaghan U12 Croke Park Activity Day 2016

On Monday the 15th of August, 90 children took to the hallowed turf in Croke Park for the annual Activity day. The boys and girls who took part where all born in 2004 (In their last year of u12). 27 of our 29 football clubs where represented with 2 players each while 5 of our 6 hurling clubs where represented with 5 players each. All the football players where divided into 6 different teams and all the hurling players where divided into 3 different teams. We had access to the field from 9:30am to 11:00am. Each team played 3 games lasting 25 minutes. During the football and hurling matches the players showcased some great skill and talent that we will hopefully see in years to come when they go onto represent Monaghan in Croke Park. After the matches had finished the players went and got changed in the Hogan stand dressing rooms predominantly used by the Dublin senior football team. After which we took to the Cusack stand to eat our lunch followed by a tour of the stadium and the museum. All the players enjoyed the day, with all of them coming down the road in high spirits.

Monaghan Coaching & Games would like to say a big thanks to Ulster Coaching & Games particularly Jimmy Darragh & Gary Mallon for all their help on the day. The 4 referees Niall Carville, Oisin Watters, Patrick Bermingham and Patrick Burns. Also to our mentors on the day Donal McAdam, Vinny Cassidy, Mel McMorrow, Johnathan McCarron, Padraig McGeough and Declan Treanor. Monaghan Coaching & Games really appreciated the help and we hope you to enjoyed your day! We are looking forward to next year’s outing already!


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